Drones & Chocolates

Apr 1, 2016

Last week a friend of mine who works in a Chocolate company back in my home country France called zChocolat, kindly sent me a box of delicious chocolates for Easter. So it is only fair that I allow some of my time to talk about chocolates.
I am not going to promote zChocolat and tell you how amazing their chocolates are (they are), and why you should order from them (you should), no, in this post I just want to talk about how it could be to combine two of my favorite things

Drones & Chocolates

Who does not like to receive and eat chocolates? probably only a few of us. Now imagine living in a world where chocolates can be delivered by drones just as easily as the mail man delivers your mail every day. I believe that world is not that far, and it has probably already been done, but it is far from being an everyday thing, at least for now. Let's travel back in time just a few months. So you wake up in the morning and as you look at your phone, the date February 14 shines in front of your eyes. 
S**t! you completely forgot about Valentine's day and your loved one is absolutely mental about getting chocolates on that particular day (yes, cliché). And of course it is Sunday and every chocolate shop of the country is closed (This is my imaginary world, I do whatever I want). So your last option is to jump in front of your computer and order some online. And only a few minutes after your order is complete, a nice little drone takes off from the fully automated warehouse and delivers the treats at her doorstep. That's right, drones saved the day... and your relationship ;-)

I can have a lot of imagination when I start, but things do not have to be so dramatic. Drone delivery in general is pretty exciting, so receiving chocolates by drone is both cool, and yummy. I went out with my DJI Phantom the other day and attached the little bag of chocolates I received under the drone. I had to remove the gimbal and also use an empty box of chocolates because my drone is an old man and not so powerful. I have to say that it did look pretty cool. Of course I did not fly high and far because it is dangerous and forbidden to attach ant loose object to a drone. I only hovered up around 4m (13 feet) in front of me in a clear field and took some pictures.

zChocolat drone delivery ready for take off.

I also googled "drones and chocolates" and found some very interesting things. 2 videos really got my attention. The first one is about a guy's girlfriend who built a drone made out of chocolate! In the description he says that his girlfriend loves to bake and he to build drones, but in the video she's the one doing all the work so I give her the credits.

The second one takes place in Hong Kong where some guys delivered chocolates. They go through the process they went through to set it up in great details in the description. It is worth checking out.

This is not the kind of post I am used to write in this blog, but it is my way of thanking my friend for sending me those chocolates. 
And I can't finish without giving you the website where you can order some if you want to :


What's your experience with drones and chocolates? :-)

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